About Us

Socks, socks, socks!

Socks are rising, popping out from the new generation’s fashion wardrobe.

We are a group of youngsters from Hong Kong who eager to promote positive energies and happiness to the world.

With blooming of fashion and funky socks, we would like to build a platform for socks with “colors” & “happiness” DNA behind, to the Asian countries, starting from Hong Kong.

“PairPairFull” is a Cantonese slang 啤啤夫 with several meanings. It is a funny description when one gets drunk or even fell unconscious. It also means feeling drained after working super hard. And even some may Hong Kong may not know — it is one of the playset names in Chinese Poker (十三張). Such a lively word representing the spirit of Hong Kong! In English there is a message the lies within – every pair of socks is full of “something”, whether it’s color, happiness, playfulness or boldness… get yours here!