Bananas & Leaves No Show Socks
<span style="background-color: #FFFF00">[70% off at check out] </span><br>Banana & Leaves
<span style="background-color: #FFFF00">[70% off at check out] </span><br>Banana & Leaves

[70% off at check out]
Banana & Leaves

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GO BANANAS! Get into the craze for bananas with the leaves in vibes! It is worth to appear in your life in the form of a colorful addition! In our banana socks you go probably through the world charged with exotic energy. Groove it!

Mismatched adult no show socks in red, green and yellow, featuring bananas on one and banana leaves on the other. 

Invisible to others when you walk the street with these no show socks. Hidden deep in your shoes are waiting to surprise you in the least expected moment. This is the strategy of our cut-out half-boots! Even in the greatest heat, there is no need to give up your favorite colors and designs. Maybe you can not see them, but you know they're there



80% Cotton, 17% Polyamid, 3% Elastane