Grey Grid Crew Socks
<span style="background-color: #FFFF00">[70% off at check out] </span><br>Gray Grid
<span style="background-color: #FFFF00">[70% off at check out] </span><br>Gray Grid

[70% off at check out]
Gray Grid

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Each sock lover should have at least one calmer pair in their colorful drawer. For balance, we have created a gray model with a yellow check pattern so that you can give some peace in your wardrobe without giving up stylish accessories. This pattern is perfect for stilettos on colder days or a suit when you want to keep some seriousness.

It isn't just colorful crew socks.  Be creative and express yourself with these bold patterns and colors to brighten up your day.  Add bits of fun and fashionable elements to your daily adventures!




80% Cotton, 17% Polyamid, 3% Elastane