Tout L'Or Rosewood Stripe Low
Tout L'Or Rosewood Stripe Low

Tout L'Or Rosewood Stripe Low


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Collection - Tout L'Or // Article - TT1-11

Adult low socks with rosewood and white stripes, and buttercup yellow toe.

The Tout L'Or collection was inspired by decorative arts back in 1920', nourished by Green & Egyptian myths. You will find playful nymphs skip through antique decors, Poseidon’s seahorse projects golden reflections...

Bonne Maison socks were perfectly and carefully made since 2012, curated with stories after stories by Béatrice de Crécy. Made with high quality Egyptian double thread cotton, and spinned with special technique, Bonne Maison's socks are smooth, soft, matt and strong in great delicacy.



90% Combed Cotton, 8% Polymide, 2% Elastane



Machine-washable 30/40° C