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Heebie Jeebies Box | Age 4-8


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Yes, they don't match!

In this gift box of 3 pairs, you will find funny creepy spooky friends of Zombie & Werewolf, Ghost & Skeleton (they glow in the dark!) and Giant Gorilla & Mutant Lizard. Life is more fun when we’re friends with someone different. It's an awesome story-telling opportunity for the kids to learn the diversity on the planet!

Each box set comes with their very own PalsCards! Kids get to personalize their pairs and learn how they met.

  • Terry sock weight is quality thickness to prevent holes

  • No-skid grips on the bottoms to prevent slipping

  • Made with environmental material OEKO TEX in high standards

  • Stretchy, colorful, comfy!

Pals Socks encourages kids to embrace and be empathetic to people around, and become friends! Let the kids to start out thinking that difference is great, and it’s awesome that we don’t all match, that we don’t have the same ideas or have to look exactly alike? What if we could inspire our future global citizens to promote inclusivity and acceptance?