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    Gift Boxes Hong Kong

    Looking for your next awesome gift idea? We both know you can do better than flowers and chocolates. How about 6 pairs of funky new socks all wrapped up in a pretty gift box? That’s more like it!

    The collection of bold and colorful socks on offer on our online HK store are now available in a super-cute gift box! These gift boxes are not only awesome to look at, but they’re also made of environmentally friendly materials. That means a guilt-free shopping experience knowing our boxes are fully recyclable.

    We know more than anyone that, when it comes to thinking of gift ideas here in HK, plain old socks have seen their time as a boring Christmas present. Here at Pair Pair Full in HK, we provide our socks in gift boxes with an array of bright, fun and colorful patterns for an all-original and reflect your true self. Whether you like pastel colors, mystical creatures, celestial motifs or just about anything else, our collection has got your needs covered.

    We’re done with plain old socks, and you should be too. Get socks that put a smile on your face and everyone else’s with Pair Pair Full!

    Want to know the best part? When you buy 6 pairs of socks with Pair Pair Full in HK, you’ll receive the gift box FREE with your purchase!

    Pair Pair Fun

    Want to be rewarded for your purchases? With our Pair Pair Fun membership program, every purchase you make earns you 1 Fun Point for every $1 Hong Kong dollar you spend.

    For every 20 Fun Points you earn, you’ll get a $1HKD cash discount on your next purchase with Pair Pair Full. Our exclusive loyalty club benefits can be used anytime – even in conjunction with coupons. Membership has no expiry date, so once you’re a member of Pair Pair Fun, you’re in for life!

    Want to know more about our loyalty club, our socks, gift boxes or anything else? Feel free to reach out to our friendly team! Visit this page to send us a note via our online enquiry form and one of our customer service representatives will assist you as soon as possible.