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The Mills X Pair Pair Full - Artist Collection

Our very first design project with a group of talented and Hong Kong homegrown millennials art illustrators to curate the journey of our textile industry golden era, proudly presents The Mills X Pair Pair Full【Weaving along】artist collection.

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The Golden Days

Designed by Rosalie, Chief Designer of Pair Pair Full. The design features the grey colour of The Mills’ exterior walls and the colour of ‘industrial green’, which symbolize the proud history of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry. Female factory workers were featured operating the looms, with aprons  in different colours used to distinguish their ranks as an indication of their work positions.

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Painting The Dreams

Featuring  cool-pastel  color tone, this pair was designed by the local healing-style illustrator ArYU (@a_r_y_u.c). The design illustrates the revitalised The Mills, with various artists painting on the walls. Being pet-friendly, The Millsattracted visitors and made it a favoured spot for pet owners and their pets to visit. Elements of cats and dogs are found in the design.

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Weaving the Future

Designed by illustrator Venus Philosophy (@venusphilosophy), this design features primary colour, a distinctive element of Venus’s artwork. A group of children setting up a giant knitting machine from building blocks, collaboratively making textiles, signifying their role as the future pillars of society was portrayed on the design. To enhance the futuristic feel, the design features a robotic character based on The Mills’ classic fire extinguishing sand bucket .

Each sock in the collection is connected with a long thread, to anticipate the strong heritage of the past, present, and future of Hong Kong’s textile industry.