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帳戶登記 Create Account

1. 於右上角按 ☰ 進入選單 (桌面版請按).
Press ☰ to the menu (Click  icon for desktop version)
2. 按「登入」.
Press "Login".
3. 於登入鍵下方按「建立帳戶」.
Below the sign in button, press "Create account". 
4. 輸入個人資料後按「建立」
Fill in your personal information and press "Create account".
5. 系統會寄一封確認電郵給您,請到電郵信箱中按當中的啟用連結(這部驟十分重要!).
Our system will send you an email confirmation. Please check and click on the confirmation link (this is a very important step!) 
6. 恭喜!您已成功登記成為Pair Pair Full會員!
Congratulations! Your are a Pair Pair Full member now!